Bankhead Highway

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Once known as the Broadway of America, Bankhead Highway’s impact on many states remains evident to this day. Upon completion of the highway in the 1920’s businesses and attractions specifically catering to motorists emerged along the transcontinental road way. Bankhead Highway was the nation’s first all-weather, cross country highway. The highway made it possible to travel from coast to coast. The highway itself was named after Sen. John H. Bankhead of Alabama, a strong advocate of building a coast to coast highway in the pre-World War I years. The road wasn’t built for military purposes, although many members of Congress Supported the project for its ability to move people and equipment from one coast to another.

Misissippi Bankhead Highway
*North Branch from Guin, Tremont, Clay, Fulton, Mooreville, Tupelo (Branches Merge)
*South Branch from Guin Splunge, Hatley, Amory, Bigbee, Nettleton, Maring, Plantersville, Tupelo (Branches Merge)
*North Branch from Tupelo Sherman, Blue Springs, Wallerville, New Albany, Myrtle, Hickory Flat, Winborn, Waits, Holly Springs, Red Banks, Victoria, Byhalia, Miller, Olive Branch (Branches Merge)
* South Branch Tupelo Bissell, Furrs, Pontotoc, Springville, Toccopola, Oxford, Tyro, Independence, Lewisburg, Cedarview, Olive Branch (Branches Merge)