Molly Harman Springs

Located on Harmon Springs Road

It is a destination for natural spring water located in Tremont,MS.  Surrounded by beautiful scenery and Jim’s Creek, this natural spring hosts thousands of visitors each year. Locals and guests alike visit Molly Harman Springs on a weekly and monthly basis to fill up gallon jugs for drinking water. There has never been coffee, sweet tea, or lemonade that tasted better than when it’s made with Molly Harman springs water. The spring has been in existence as long as the locals remember, at least 100 years. If you do not have a gallon jug, just bring a water bottle to fill up to get a taste. The best part of the experience is it’s FREE!

Special Thanks to Itawamba Jr. Leadership Class of 2018 Community Project Group for enhancing Molly Harman Springs.  Caleb Brown, Madeline Johnson, Erin Stanphill, Haley Watson, Makayla Weston, and Gage Wilson.